Dramaturgy, writing as an alive process, acting. Everything had been done to make from that piece a classic. But not only. By breaking the codes of conventional directing we let a new type emerge. One way ticket to a gender revolution or meaningful crack house under your window ? Life show.
Une pièce de sept jours avec des acteurs qui s’enquillent 138 heures de jeu alors qu’ils sont venus voir un spectacle. Une dramaturgie engagée, un processus d’écriture immanent et sans concession, une distribution habitée, font de cette œuvre majeure un véritable tournant dans le microcosme du théâtre contemporain. 
photographies: Alban Hodot
Spectacle de rue.
August 2013, 138 hours, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
Authors : boijeot. renauld. turon.
Sponsor : La Plage des Six Pompes Festival.
Device : 3 times 2 living units, 3 radios, 3 suitcases, 3 coffee machines, cups, coffee, gaz, plastic shelter, 1 FM transmitter, 1 battery antenna, 3 cellphones.
Facts : Invited to an appointment by text message, players who came for a street show are facing a furniture deposit.
A radio is broadcasting live and direct comments from invisible guides, who invite them to inhabitate together.