When you are used to be the audience, taking over the stage and having a full class hotel experience on it can be massive. From the statement to the action, this was kind of surealistic for most of the sleepers. Grand opening on the stage of the theater was just a start. Show must go on.
Insomnies contemplatives, vagabondages dans les entrailles de la bête, et ronflements sous les feux de la rampe. On n'avait pas idée du trou qu’on allait faire dans la tête de nos clients. Une première. 
hôtel de ville, théâtre. 
May 2013, 24 hours, Thionville, France. 
Authors : boijeot. renauld. turon. martin. vandenbeusch.
Sponsor : Festival Nouvelles Pistes.
Device : 15 living units, 10 hotel bells, 1 bijoutière (movable cooking device), and a swiss chef.
Facts : To offer to 20 privileged customers a high class dinner and a hotel night in a public building or space of their city.
To be on the floor, serving.