Faking the city center, the shopping mall is a no man’s land at night. Security gards added to the hotel staff was not such a good idea. The fake cops took the sleepers out of their dreams with some cheap joke from  supermarket bouncer's community. 
Se faire offrir des ours en pluches et se faire réveiller par des vigiles en surchauffe. Du bas de gamme comme on aime, du personnel balourd en tête de gondole. Pas simple de vouloir jouer à Fauchon chez Lidl.
hôtel de ville, centre commercial. 
May 2013, 24 hours, Thionville, France. 
Authors : boijeot. renauld. turon. martin. vandenbeusch.
Sponsor : Festival Nouvelles Pistes.
Device : 15 living units, 10 hotel bells, 1 bijoutière (movable cooking device), and a swiss chef.
Facts : To offer to 20 privileged customers a high class dinner and a hotel night in a public building or space of their city.
To be on the floor, serving.