When you hear about French suburbs, you think that only cars are burning. False. Merguez are on fire too and the barbecue is a open field of new possible. A peacemaker shared by all if only you bring Hallal meat. That's what we did, and we had great meals and nights in the middle of the hood, safe and relaxed.Thanks, but guys, you could be a little bit more ghetto, to keep your street credibility.
Expectative d'un espace public qu’ils usèrent jusqu'à la moelle. Ils permirent enfin aux habitants de venir y faire griller leurs saucisses. Personne n’osa les rejoindre pour la nuit, mais tous prirent le temps de savoir s’ils avaient dormi correctement.
La Peurotte.
September 2012, 72 hours, la Patrotte, Metz, France.
Authors : boijeot. renauld. turon. martin.
Sponsor : Association C'était où C'était quand?
Device : planks, screws, tools.
Facts : To get delivered construction material in the hood.
To build furnitures in order to live there.
To build them for and with the inhabitants.