There was no real plan. A large amount of wood was waiting for becoming something, and 6 days later we were some local superstars… From this wood we did furnitures, but not only, otherwise we would have been the IKEA of the poor. From this wood, we did experience the streets, the city, and most of all, the inhabitants. We were with them, no matter in wich position, sharing everything, that's what should be remembered.
Nous ne pourrions vous parler que de Lisa, mais ça ne vous raconterait rien. Cette activation marque notre entrée dans le jeu de l'humanité. Point zéro d’un habiter commun, ou vaste fumisterie. On adore se faire voler notre travail et zoner à table avec nos congénères. Être payé pour habiter la rue, l’art contemporain a du souci à se faire.
Habiter la rue. 
March 2011, 6 days, pOlau, Tours, France. 
Authors : boijeot. renauld. turon.
Sponsor : pOlau
Device : wood, screws, tools, coffee machine, gaz, coffee, cups.
Facts : to build furnitures for and with the inhabitants.
To offer them or to leave them.