We hardly tried to make metro users happy. It worked a bit but not that much. Lot of different reactions, from pure fun to violent talk. Does mankind still know how to play together ? Does transportation has to be boring ?
Des explosions et des sursauts donc. Des tentatives infructueuses de décontraction collective. Putain on a tenté mais c’était dur…alors imagine à Paris…les hommes ne savent même plus se permettre de jouer à la baballe ensemble. Merde.
April 2012, 3 days, U-bahn, Berlin, Deutschland.
Authors : boijeot.renauld.turon.
Device : inflatable balloons, transport network.
Facts : To fill a subway car with balloons.
To play and to throw them to anybody. 
Ballons : Avril 2012, 15 heures, CCGP, nancy, France. “quand on viens, on nous invite plus”