Advertising says "nothing is impossible". Advertising lies, but people still have faith in the punch line. Creaky but charming. We just did it.
"Bienvenus. Merci". Ultime mantra contre la machine à billet. Pathétiques ou incroyables, les new yorkais ne lâchent rien.  Ils ont même mis, à l'entré du zoo,  une statue de la liberté. 
Hotel Empire : The New York crossing.
October 2015, 732 hours, New York City, United States.
Authors : boijeot. renauld. martin.
Sponsor : D.R.A.C lorraine, boijeot renauld.
Device : 3 living units, suitcases, coffee machine, cups, coffe, gaz.
Scenography : 2m26.
Fact : To cross Manhattan.
To move the furniture and live on them.