"My home is yours. You are my permanent guests."  Laurent Le Bon,  Centre Pompidou-metz's executive.
"Our home is yours. You are our permanent guests." boijeot.renauld.turon, permanent piece.
"Chez moi c'est chez vous. Vous êtes mes invités permanents."  Laurent le bon, directeur du centre Pompidou-metz.
"Chez nous c'est chez vous, vous êtes nos invités permanents." Boijeot.renauld.turon, oeuvre permanente. 
February 2014/ february 2015, Metz, France. 
Authors : boijeot. renauld. turon. martin
Sponsor : laurent lebon, Centre Pompidou Metz's executive.
Device : 4 living units, 1 kitchen buffet, coffee machine, coffee, cups, gaz, jokari.
Facts : To inhabitate Centre Pompidou Metz's forum, taking seriously a word from his executive.
To become the first permanent piece of it.