This was like going to some holidays in a family part that you didn’t met for a while. A lot to discover, new flavour to aproach…kind of a meeting in fact. We were received as cousins and were treated as very special guests. Open door, showers, night hugs from the boss, croissants in the morning. A very deep need to come back there, be part of the family and get our piece of the inheritance.
Quand les directeurs et leurs équipes sont bons, y a pas grand chose à faire, dire merci et s’endormir sur scène pendant la conférence, parce que le pignolage consanguin, c’est pas notre came. Et pas de chance, y’a toujours deux trois intellos qui trainent par là et qui endorment tout le monde. Encore heureux que tonton soit fier comme un paon quand les réactionnaires crient au scandale. C’est ca qu’on aime, surtout quand on vient pour passer de vacances.
le Maillon.
October 2013, 54 hours, Strasbourg, Alsace, France. 
Authors : boijeot. renauld. martin.
Device : 2 living units, suitcases, coffee machine, cups, coffee, gaz, jokari.
Facts : To inhabitate le Maillon theater, without being invited, during play urban international meeting.
To offer the furnitures while we leave.